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* School Library Journal starred review*
Green Earth Book Awards - Honor Book
YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award Nominee
ALA Quick Picks Nominee

Get Real coverCan you change the world with your wallet?
You already do.

This frank, teen-friendly manifesto reveals what you're really buying when you spend your money on a burger, a cheap t-shirt, or a cell phone--and points the way to better choices, both for people and the planet.

Start seeing the world for real, and discover how you can make a difference.
You've got buying power--now let's see you change the world for good!

"This savvy guide encourages teens to be knowledgeable and media-literate consumers. . . . Rockliff's frank discussions should have conscientious readers reconsidering their economic actions."
Publishers Weekly

"A clearly written guide for readers who want to translate social and environmental awareness into action."

"This is a must have book for all school and public libraries."
Library Media Connection

"Brings considerable energy and a whole lot of righteous fury to stick a finger into the eye of avarice—and explains how you can, too."
KirkusGreen Earth Book Award Honor seal

"This informative and fun guide encourages youth to become proactive in learning about the consequences of their everyday purchases . . . highly recommended."
by Mara Rockliff
Young Adult
Running Press Teens, 2010
ISBN 978-0-7624-3745-0

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Color handouts you can download and print out:
Clean Clothes? What to Ask
(how to make sure what you buy does not come from a sweatshop)
Green Warriors vs. Greenwashers--What to Ask (how to tell if a product is really "green")

The Price Is Wrong

Why it matters where your money goes.

The THING That Ate the World
Stop it before it consumes us all!

Think you're hip to advertising? Think again . . .

And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
What they never tell you at the mall.

A Peek Between the Buns
Fast food--more disgusting than you ever dreamed.

Trash Talk
Your cell phone's secret life.

So Long, Frankenfoods

To organic . . . and beyond!

Buys in the 'Hood
Bust out of that big box.

Sweeter Treats
Wake up and smell the fair trade cocoa.

Makin' It
Try on these designer greens.

Green Warriors vs. Greenwashers
How to tell the heroes from the zeros.

Do It
Change starts now.