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The Girl Who Could Fix Anything
Beatrice Shilling, World War II Engineer
Illustrated by Daniel Duncan
Candlewick Press, September 2021

Air & Space Best Children's Books of 2021
A Junior Library Guild Selection

"This accessible, tongue-in-cheek depiction of Shilling’s life and achievements hits all the right notes and shows a woman flourishing in STEM, the importance of powering through adversity, ways in which science and curiosity can be applied, as well as how women have supported each other to learn and succeed....An appealing biography that will inspire young scientists and those who may quietly rebel against the status quo."
Kirkus Reviews

"Rockliff has created a book that is simple enough for kindergarteners to enjoy while still being interesting for third and fourth graders
....A delightful and welcome addition to STEM collections everywhere."
School Library Journal

"This enjoyable tale works equally well as a read-aloud and a strong addition to Women in STEM collections."

"Text and pictures work together to capture the life and spirit of a remarkable woman....The text is lively and succinct, full of vigorous action verbs. The expressive illustrations convey time and place beautifully and are infused variously with humor (such as when apprentice-engineer Beatrice, helping to bring electricity to villages, falls through a ceiling) and drama (as in a stunning double-page spread of London aflame during the Blitz)."
The Horn Book Magazine

The Girl Who Could Fix Anything coverBeatrice Shilling wasn’t quite like other children. She could make anything. She could fix anything. And when she took a thing apart, she put it back together better than before.

When Beatrice left home to study engineering, she knew that as a girl she wouldn’t be quite like the other engineers—and she wasn’t. She was better. Still, it took hard work and perseverance to persuade the Royal Aircraft Establishment to give her a chance. But when World War II broke out and British fighter pilots took to the skies in a desperate struggle for survival against Hitler’s bombers, it was clearly time for new ideas. Could Beatrice solve an engine puzzle and help Britain win the war?

American author Mara Rockliff and British illustrator Daniel Duncan team up for a fresh look at a turning point in modern history—and the role of a remarkable woman whose ingenuity, persistence, and way with a wrench (or spanner) made her quite unlike anyone else.

This true story of a woman whose brilliance and mechanical expertise helped Britain win World War II is sure to inspire STEM readers and fans of amazing women in history.

The Girl Who Could Fix Anything: Beatrice Shilling, World War II Engineer
By Mara Rockliff
Illustrated by Daniel Duncan
Picture Book
Candlewick Press
ISBN  9781536212525

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