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Candlewick Press, August 2020

Jefferson Measures a Moose cover Thomas Jefferson was wild about numbers.

Whether counting peas or measuring a mule, he never missed a chance to jot down a few facts and figures. He loved sharing what he learned, and reading to learn even more. 

But when a famous Frenchman wrote a book about America, Jefferson was shocked. The author insisted that America was a dismal place where birds couldn’t sing, dogs didn’t bark, and every living thing was smaller than in Europe. How could he be so wrong?

Jefferson resolved to set the record straight—with numbers. After all, his country was counting on him! But where could he find facts and figures BIG enough to prove his point?

Mesmerized author Mara Rockliff recounts a little-known moment in math and natural history, illustrated with humor by prolific artist S. D. Schindler.

By Mara Rockliff
Illustrated by S. D. Schindler
Picture Book
Candlewick Press
ISBN  978-0763694104

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